SDK Manager


The SDK Manager feature is available in both Countly Lite and Countly Enterprise. 

The SDK manager lets you view the SDKs that are being used by your application. It enhances the usage of SDKs by providing you with analytics related to SDK usage. 

Benefits of using SDK manager

  1. It helps the Countly team to understand any issue related to SDK in a more comprehensive way and allows them to solve the issue in an efficient manner.
  2. It also helps your team stay up to date with latest developments in SDKs by providing you with information on the version that your application is using.

Using SDK manager

The SDK manager has two views: SDK Stats and SDK Configuration. To access SDK manager, go to Main Menu > Utilities > SDK manager.

You can see the following screen.

SDK Manager-1.png

SDK Stats

In the SDK stats section, you'll find various analytics related to the SDK used in your application. 

  1. First, choose the date range using the Date Picker dropdown button. The SDK stats will display results based on Total sessions, Total users, and New users.
  2. The next section will present the distribution of users among the versions of the SDKs supported by Countly. 
  3. Below that, you'll find a detailed breakdown of SDK version distribution for all versions
  4. Similar to App versions, the next section also indicates the rate at which users are updating their SDK version to the latest. Simply select the SDK version from the dropdown and choose whether you want to view it as a percentage or as a value.
  5. Lastly, the Data Table contains two tabs. The first tab provides details on three metrics - total sessions, total users, and new users - for all the versions of the SDKs supported by Countly. The next tab contains similar data for each particular version of your SDK.

SDK Configuration (Experimental)

When you toggle to SDK configuration, the following screen will appear.SDK Manager- 2.png

The functionality of this feature to control tracking and networking capabilities of SDKs remotely. Any customer can disable SDK data collection in their app from the Countly server.

In future, we will have more different controls over SDKs. 


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