Profile Groups


The Profile Groups feature is available starting with Countly version 24.05

A Profile Group serves as a non dynamic list of user profiles used for targeting push notifications, surveys, filtering, etc. The list of profile groups will be accessible under the User/Visitor profiles section.

The Profile Group tab is nested with the user profiles. To know more about the user profile, please visit the user guide of User Profile.


The Profile Group section should allow you to create a new Profile Group - either an empty one that you edit later on or by uploading a .csv/.xls file with the list of user (Countly) IDs.

When you toggle to the Profile Group tab, the following window will appear.

  1. Group name specifies the collection of all the profiles that belong to the particular group.
  2. Total users specify the number of users that the group contains.
  3. The Created field specifies the time when the profile group was created.
  4. Using this three-dot ellipsis button, you can edit, delete, and view details about a specific group.
  5. +New Group allows you to create a new Profile group. 

Creating a New Profile Group

Once you click on +New Group, the following drawer will appear.

  1. In this field, you can enter the Profile group name.
  2. Here, you will define the visibility of the group. There are three types of visibility-
    • All users - All users of your organization can view this group.
    • Some specific users - You can select any specific set of users, and the profile group will be visible to them.
    • Private - This group will be visible only to the creator of the group.

3. Hit the save button, and the profile group will be created.

Using Profile Groups

When you click on the name of a particular user group, the following window will appear:

  1. You can create filters here using any property and further break them down by using the properties of your app.
  2. This button can be used to store the filter that you created so that you can run it again easily when you want.
  3. +Add users are used to add the user from the list of user profiles by checking the box of the user you want to add or by uploading the file with device IDs. You can also add IDs manually in a text field.

    Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 12.56.10 PM.png

  4. You can use the three-dot ellipsis menu, to edit or delete a user group.
  5. This entire view represents the users present in the group. If the group is big, you can use the search bar, to search for a particular user. You can export the list of users in CSV, JSON, or XLSX format. You can also edit the view of users present in the group, using the dropdown. You can choose users from the user profile list, checkbox them, and remove users from there.

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