Preset Management


The Preset Management feature is available starting with Countly version 24.05

Preset Management is an advanced feature introduced that allows you to store any date range for any feature. If you have queried the system for any data for any particular date range, and you need the same data for future use, the Preset Management facilitates you with an efficient working proficiency as it stores all your query date ranges according to your need.


The Present Management is basically the Date Picker with extended functionality. Most features of Countly require date picker, and hence the Preset Management can prove to be a handy tool.

Using Preset Management

To locate Preset Management, you can go to Management > Preset Management. The following screen will appear.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 10.34.00 PM.png

  1. The Name of the Date Presets, the date range represented by the date preset, the Owner of the preset, and its visibility.
  2. You can create a new Date Preset using +New date preset.
  3. The 3-dot ellipsis menu allows you to edit, delete, and duplicate the date presets.

Creating New Date Preset

To create a new Date Preset, first, you should understand the Date Picker tab.

As shown above, the date picker tab is present in every feature of Countly, and it allows you to select any date range for which you want to query the data collected by Countly. You can also choose to exclude the current day from your date range by selecting the checkbox.

Once you click on +New Data Preset, the following window will appear.

  1. You can select the data range from the date picker for which you want to create the date preset. By checking the checkbox, you can exclude the current day from your date range.
  2. Here, the preset name will be set by default. However, you have the option to change it.
  3. Here, you can define the visibility of your Date Preset. There are three visibility scopes:
    • Public - It will be visible to anybody on your team.
    • Shared - It will be visible to anybody with whom you have shared the date preset you created.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 10.31.49 PM.png

    • Private - It will be visible only to you.

Click on the Create button to create the Date preset.

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