Countly Flex


Countly Flex is a platform that enables end-customers to create, configure, and use Countly servers with almost no intervention from the Countly team. Countly Flex, as the name suggests, is a more flexible SAAS offering of Countly. This aims to create an environment, where you have access to the core features, and you can add features according to your immediate needs, making the Countly platform more dynamic in terms of usability.

Configuring Countly Flex

You will need to configure the following, while creating a server.

  1. Size - Machine specifications.
  2. Region of the cloud storage.
  3. Custom domain - You can set up your own custom domain name, and the SSL certificate will be issued by Countly team.
  4. Data retention - The period of data retention is divided into six months, twelve months, etc.,
  5. Countly Features (Hooks, Formulas, etc.)

Getting Started with Flex

You have to sign up for Countly Flex. To sign up you have to mention the details shown below.

Once you create the account, you can define your workspace name and add the number of users present on the following screen. You can also change the settings or add more information in the Management window, which you can access after you log in.

Once you login to the interface of Countly Flex, the following window will be displayed.


  1. This will display the page where you can configure your server using +Create a new Countly server.
  2. This contains the list of all the servers you created.
  3. Here you can define your team size and control the accessibility for your team. You can also check the billing info.
  4. You can verify your email using this button.
  5. These tabs link to user guides, SDK guides and to join the Flex community.

Creating a new Countly server

When you click on +Create a new Countly server, the following screen appears.


  1. Enter your server name here.
  2. Select the tier that will be used by your application.
  3. Select the region of your server.
  4. Select your cloud provider.
  5. Depending on your selections, the pricing will reflect here.

Click on Next step, and the following page will be displayed.


  1. This contains the core features that come along with the basic version of Countly Flex.
  2. Using feature add-ons, you can add features by paying the price for that particular feature.

Click on Next step, and the following page will be displayed.


  1. You can select your preferred domain here. You can select a custom domain with an SSL certificate which is available for a certain price. You can also use a default domain generated by the server.
  2. You can select the period for which you want to retain the granular data.

Click on Next step, and the following page will be displayed.


  1. Your final bill will be displayed as monthly or yearly bill. Use the toggle button to generate the bill monthly or yearly bill.
  2. You can review the selections, and click on Proceed to Payment. Add all the available payment methods.

Once the payment is done, your server will be be ready to launch and will come under the Servers dashboard. You will receive an email to go to your once it is intialized within a minute.


The Management window provides you access to your workspace and helps you in defining the team size, check the users present in the workspace, the projects present, and also your billing info.

The Management window has four tabs:

  1. Workspace
  2. Team
  3. Projects
  4. Billing


Here you need to name your workspace which will help you define your workspace uniquely if you have multiple workspaces inside the server. You can add team size and a logo to make it more unique. You can also remove the workspace.


This window enlists all the team members present in the workspace along with their role, email id, status activity and login activity. You can also add new team members to your existing workspace by using the Invite Team Member button.

When you click on Invite Team Member, the following drawer will appear.

Here, you have to enter the user email and define the role of the user in the workspace.

You can send multiple invitations to multiple users using the Add new invitation. Once, all user invitations are added, click on Send invitation.


Project is the organizational unit that contains deployments. Each project belongs to one and only one workspace and is associated with users. Users can have different roles such as project admin or project user. Project users have only read access to the project and servers inside it, while project admins have write access to deployments and project itself.

This window enlists all the projects and the users included in each project. It also shows when the project was created.

You can also create a new project by clicking on Create Project. When you click on Click Project, the following drawer will appear.

Here, you have to enter the project name, choose the projects admins and the users included in the project. Once, it is done, you can click on Create project and the project will be created.


The billing section shows an overview of your usage of Countly Flex, the billing info, your selected tier and also when you have to renew your subscription.


What happens if you go over the threshold MAU limit of a certain Tier? Does the Tier gets upgraded and the billing occurs on the basis of the upgraded Tier?

No, you don't get upgraded automatically. The server will be locked if you go over the threshold MAU limit.

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