Countly, like other open source projects, grows with contributors. Here's a list of contributors to Countly in every sense. If you think you should be in this list, send us a note and we'll add you.

(In no specific order)

Feature additions and fixes

  • Nesim Tunç (various fixes and contributions to Countly iOS SDK)
  • Dmitriy Kazimirov (iPhone 5 / iPad 5 identifiers)
  • Andrej Mihajlov (various fixes to Countly iOS SDK)
  • Christopher Bess (Debian 7.1 installation script)
  • Erkan Yıldız (Countly iOS app)
  • Artem Salpagarov (Countly Android app)
  • Jason Boehle (lots of improvements, bug fixes to Android SDK)
  • Thomas Einwaller (Docker support)

Client libraries


Localization efforts are carried out on Transifex.

  • Walter Zheng (various fixes to Countly server, Chinese localization)
  • Damien Laureaux (French localization)
  • Elfadili Yassine (Arabic localization)
  • Rivo Zängov (Estonian localization)
  • Norman Rosner (German localization)
  • Niels van der Linden (Dutch localization)
  • Massimiliano Giroldi (Italian localization)
  • David Vallejo (Spanish localization)
  • Felipe Cypriano (Brazilian Portuguese localization)
  • Csongor Keller and Balazs Almos (Hungarian localization)


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