Getting Started


Here are the short and sweet basics of your Countly setup. Enjoy!

First, identify which Countly version to use

If in doubt, make sure you know the differences between Countly Lite and Enterprise.

Finally, become an expert in Countly features

To understand the basic building bloocks, start by looking into Countly Basics

Check out Analytics Strategy to better understand how to track your users activity in your app/site

Read Analyzing Your Data for an overview on how to interpret user data once you've acquired it

For a deeper understanding of all of our features and their dashboards we recommend you looking into our User Guides.

Learn how to integrate your SDK

All of our open source SDKs are available on Github.

For a high level SDK feature comparison, have a look at the Downloading and Installing SDKs page

For an overview of basic SDK concepts, read our Getting started with SDKs article.

Once you start looking into deeper integration topics, read A deeper look at SDK concepts.

Then, read our Frequently Asked Questions

We collected the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers:

Also, be sure to subscribe to the Countly newsletter and check our Blog.

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