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Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source product analytics application, built with features for every team. It collects data from mobile phones, desktop apps (Mac OS X & Windows), web apps, and websites, and visualizes this information to analyze application usage and end-user behavior. Countly is product analytics for companies that care about user data privacy.

This page gives a list of Countly features, and will be updated as more features drop in. For a comparison between Community and Enterprise Editions, see comparison table.

1. How Countly Works

With a quick insertion of our mobile, web, or desktop SDK, Countly immediately starts to:

  • Collect user information
  • Get customer insights
  • Help send push notifications
  • Understand where your application crashes

All of the above happens instantly upon loading the webpage or your mobile application. Countly is completely real-time, so unlike other platforms you do not have to wait for hours to see your first statistics.

2. General Features

  • Real time.
  • Plugin based interface with 70+ plugins to choose from.
  • Open source software (see License terms).
  • Impressive, goal-oriented UI.
  • In-app guidance and help.
  • User management and user groups.
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliance.
  • Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Management via UI or command line interface.
  • Ability to define and share multiple, customized dashboards.
  • On-screen Assistant, to give you insights about your analytics data, inform you about new SDK releases, and keep you posted about latest news from Countly.
  • Ability to track web pages (with Countly web SDK).
  • Email alerts.
  • Feedback features to understand customer experience through Surveys, Ratings, NPS® surveys.
  • Integration with authentication apps like Okta, Google authenticator, and Microsoft Active Directory.

3. Mobile Analytics Features

3. Web analytics features

Click for more information about Countly web analytics product.

4. Device SDKs

Client libraries (SDKs) are available for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), web applications, desktop apps (Mac OS X, Windows), Apple Watch, and other libraries like Cocos2d-x, Unity, and Appcelerator Titanium. See a list of SDKs supported officially by Countly and Countly community.

5. Countly API Features

  • Clean, well documented API.
  • Countly Read API to retrieve data from server.
  • Countly Write API to send mobile data to the server.

6. Advanced Security Features

  • Password expiration and aging.
  • Minimum password length and content.
  • Brute force login blocking.
  • Database authentication.
  • HTTPS connectivity.
  • Public key pinning of SSL certificates.
  • Parameter tampering protection.
  • Additional HTTP/S response headers.
  • Additional API response headers.

7. Installation and Technical

  • High performance platform, with the ability to handle tens of thousands of simultaneous users with a single server, and a multitude of this number when sharding and replication is used across servers.
  • Straightforward installation on a Linux server.
  • Tested on Ubuntu's latest versions and CentOS (Community Edition and Enterprise Edition).
  • Tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Runs on MongoDB, Node.js and Nginx.
  • Installable on Docker.
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