This User Guide is for the Flows feature of Countly 20.11. To see the Flows User Guide for the latest version of Countly, i.e., Countly 22.03, please click here.

Countly lets you track any important metric or milestone in your application via a flexible mechanism called events or by accounting the views in your application. Flows uses them to let you see common event paths of your users in a birds-eye view.


The Flows plugin is available only in Countly Enterprise.

A flow report is basically a graphical representation of the paths users take through your site, defined by events or views data types. It also lets you compare this traffic flow based on several segmentation options such as device, country, platform, or campaign.


Using Flows, you will automatically be able to see what common event paths users take without defining each individual path as a funnel.

Flow Sampling

Due to the high level of processing power it requires, Flows visualizes data using samples if the total session count exceeds a configurable threshold (2 millions by default). A sample is generated from 5% of all sessions or by a configurable maximum sampling size (5 millions by default). 

You can set these values by clicking on the top-right corner Management > Settings > Flows.


Benefitting from Flows

Flows comes with Drill filtering support so that you can see flows matching user properties, custom properties, campaign properties, and messaging properties. Also, if you need you can ignore certain events or views to be a part of flows calculation by defining them in configurations.


You can also define the length of "nodes" vertically and horizontally. In order to define this, click on the cog icon on the right hand side of the screen.

Results are cached

When you make a Flows query, results you see on the user interface are cached for 10 minutes.

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