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Countly Web Analytics is an integrated web analytics platform, including support for web analytics, heatmaps, extensive segmentation, Javascript crash reports, user profiles and detailed reporting.

With its open source backend and SDK, companies have a greater privacy and security compared to other closed, proprietary solutions. Countly's plugin architecture and well-defined API sets help write a plugin from scratch in a short amount of time. Given different installation options (e.g on-premise or private cloud), Countly provides one of the most extensive web analytics solutions in the market today.

We strongly suggest you that first you read Countly User's Guide. This guide shows how to use basic dashboard features both for mobile and web.


Before diving into web analytics, make sure that you have the following:

  1. Have a running website.
  2. Insert Countly tracker code with the help of this documentation.
  3. Reload your web page to see your visitors live on Countly dashboard.

Before installing your server, you may want to check those items:

  1. Required configuration to run Countly
  2. Countly installation
  3. Updating Countly

Distinctive features of Countly web analytics

Some of the features of Countly web analytics platform is included in Community Edition and some of them are specific for Enterprise Edition. Below, you can see each feature available under two different editions.

Real time

Countly provides a completely real-time data updates dashboard with a maximum of 10 second data latency. This gives you a big advantage over other services which lag in time (e.g Google Analytics) up to several hours.

High performance

Countly is a very high performance system, with the ability to handle several thousands of simultaneous online users on a single server, and a multitude of this number when sharding and replication is used across servers.

Detailed web analytics

Countly has detailed web analytics, including views, browsers, entry and exit pages, bounces and user acquisition sources with the help of an "all-web-sites" dashboard from a bird's view. Also you have the ability to see browser, device and operating system characteristics.

User profiles

With Countly, you can go beyond traditional, performance based analytics and truly understand your customers. Since you have detailed customer user profile visiting your web site or web app (e.g in case of a SaaS solution), you can understand your customers as they are all viewed in their own pages, showing detailed information like email, last visit, purchase information, session information, demographics and custom key-value data. This feature is available with Enterprise Edition. For more information, see this link.

Campaign tracking & attribution analytics

Countly can show which users are coming from which sites, using referrals. This way you can compare contrast different marketing channels, see how much you spend for each campaign and eliminate those which do not bring valuable customers. For more information about attribution analytics, see this link. This feature is available with Enterprise Edition.

UTM tagging support

Countly web SDK automatically captures UTM tags and stores them as user properties together with the corresponding user. This will make users segmentable in all the places around the dashboard, where granular data is used and segmentation capabilities are provided.

Drill (Advanced Segmentation)

Countly’s interactive user interface allows you answer complex and interactive questions by drilling down to granular data. This way you can easily understand your user’s engagement, retention and application growth in time. General-purpose analytics products only show you basics. Countly gives you all details about users, mobile device, application versions, countries and everything you collect with custom events. For more information about Drill, see this link.

Funnel visualization

With funnels, you can that see where and why users exit a specific funnel point. This helps product managers understand how many percentages of user cannot finish, for example, sales funnel. This feature is available with Enterprise Edition. For more information about Funnels, see this link.

Custom events

With custom events, you can collect any type of data, compute and analyze with SUM, COUNT and AVERAGE values. This helps gain information inside the application when you need such as purchase information, songs played, items used etc.

Revenue analytics

This feature can be very valuable when you have something to sell, either in your web service or web portal. You can optimize your prices by viewing detailed revenues from each and every customer. For more information about revenue analytics, see this link. This feature is available with Enterprise Edition.


Countly shows users on a city and country basis as they visit your web site. This information is visualized on a graphical map.


With heatmaps, you can see which parts of the screen are most and least clicked, with a color map. This feature is available with Enterprise Edition.

Javascript error reporting

Countly web tracker can report Javascript reports directly to the crash service, available for Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Technical advantages

Countly web analytics platform include several features not available in other platforms, such as:

  1. Operating on a NoSQL server (MongoDB) and Node.js application server on top of Linux for maximum throughput and low maintenance costs.
  2. Ability to be sharded so data can be collected on different clusters for sites requiring several tens of thousands of requests per second.
  3. Replication of data to provide redundancy and maximum uptime in case data error(s) occur.
  4. Plugins allowing anyone write additional functionalities on top of core Countly system.
  5. White label and rebranding options for agencies and mobile app development companies

When you install Countly, you have the option to select two types of apps:

  1. Mobile application
  2. Web application

Whatever the application type you choose, system intelligently modifies its user interface to show only relevant plugins to you. For example, if you choose a mobile application, then you will be able to see Density plugin, or if you choose a web application, you'll be able to see Browsers plugin. Likewise, some of the plugin behaviours change, for example "User Profiles" will be "Visitor Profiles" when you switch from a mobile app to a web app.

It's perfectly possible that a single Countly installation will track several mobile apps and web apps at once. When you switch from one app type to another, user interface will modify itself accordingly.

Unlike other competitors, we do not impose any (technical) data storage limits on your server when you install Countly on your own servers. Your limit will be your disk space and CPU power.

For a list of some data storage factors, please see this link.

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