Revenue Analytics


Revenue Analytics lets users track revenue data in real time. This includes information such as:

  • Total revenue
  • Avg. revenue per user
  • Avg. revenue per paying user
  • Paying user count
  • Paying/total users

The Revenue Analytics plugin is available only in Countly Enterprise.

Setting Up Revenue Analytics

Using Revenue Analytics is quite simple and the setup only has two steps:

1. Enable the Revenue Analytics plugin. In in the main Countly Dashboard, go to Management > Plugins and enable the Revenue Analytics toggle.

2. Define Revenue Event Key(s). Go to Management > Applications. Select your app from the Apps panel and then scroll down to Revenue Analytics. There, simply select as many event keys as you wish to act as IAP events.



Start collecting data early

Note that revenue data can not be recorded post factum, so user numbers are only updated if the Revenue Analytics plugin is enabled and a Revenue Event is set. After this, paying member numbers will increase. For this reason, we suggest that you set Purchase Events and enable the Revenue Analytics plugin right from the time your application goes live.

Get Data!

After setting it up, you will find insights from Revenue Analytics under Events > Revenue in your Countly Dashboard.

Get to know Events

Revenue Analytics depends on Events. If you are not familiar with Countly Events, we recommend that you check out the documentation on this topic first.

There, payment data will be retrieved from the Sum property of your selected Event. We will record the paying user counts based on the users who perform your Revenue Event.

Revenue currency conversion

Currency conversion for revenue needs to be done on the client's side. There are several online converters for this purpose and we suggest that you use a simple mapping to make sure that any revenue data retrieved in other currencies is easily converted to a reference currency (e.g. USD or EUR).

Note that the Revenue menu item seen above will be invisible unless the system gets Revenue Events from devices.

This revenue information can also be seen from the Overview dashboard, right below the time graph.


If, after the setup steps, you cannot see revenue data on the Countly Dashboard, please check the following:

  • Revenue data is gathered from an event's Sum property. Make sure you provided data about the amount of transactions using that property via the SDK.
  • Revenue data is not retroactive. This means only new incoming data after selecting Revenue Event will be counted towards revenue data.

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