Collection apps holds information about apps added to Countly for which you perform analytic tracking.

Here is the list of fields available:

Field Description Example
_id Unique ID of the app generated by MongoDB engine 542e95d747f0be510c000004
name The name you given to the app, when creating it Test
key Countly generated APP key, that can be used for tracking purposes (used in Countly tracking SDK) 668b4d52dbc20ea572eddaf7a4d5082d794761dc
country Country code of the country selected for your app TR
category Id of the category selected, for your app. 1. Books 2. Business 3. Education 4. Entertainment 5. Finance 6. Games 7. Health & Fitness 8. Lifestyle 9. Medical 10. Music 11. Navigation 12. News 13. Photography 14. Productivity 15. Reference 16. Social Networking 17. Sports 18. Travel 19. Utilities 20. Weather 6
iap_event The name of the event provided as In-App Purchase event, for which Countly tracks sum and displays in dashboard Buy
timezone Timezone selected for your app Europe/Istanbul
type Type of the app: mobile, web, desktop mobile
created_at Timestamp when app was created 1479283513
edited_at Timestamp when app was last edited 1479283513
owner ID of the member who created app 96dc4f98d75ee930f2acee6fafc691aced5591a5


Here's is how an example document could look like on apps colleciton

    "_id": ObjectID("542e95d747f0be510c000004"),
    "category": "6",
    "country": "TR",
    "iap_event": "Buy",
    "key": "668b4d52dbc20ea572eddaf7a4d5082d794761dc",
    "name": "Test",
    "timezone": "Europe/Istanbul",
  	"type": "mobile",
  	"created_at": "1479283513",
  	"edited_at": "1479283513",
  	"owner": "96dc4f98d75ee930f2acee6fafc691aced5591a5"

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