Crash Analytics plugin required

This collection might not appear if you don't have crash analytics plugin enabled

There are multiple app_crashes{appID} collections, one collection for each specific app.

Collection name is formed using "app_crashes" string and app ID.

So for example for app with ID "542e95d747f0be510c000004" the collection name would be: "app_crashes542e95d747f0be510c000004"

Collection contains crash data reports

Here is the list of fields available:

Field Description Example
_id Unique id of the report 5705d7a5e7313e322d2ae037
os Operating system Android
os_version Version of operating system 4.1
manufacture Who created device Google
device Device name Nexus 5
resolution Resolution of device 640x1136
app_version App version 2.1
cpu CPU architecture x86
opengl OpenGL version opengl_es1
ram_current Ram amount in time of crash 812
ram_total Total ram amount 1024
disk_current Used disk amount in time of crash 9308
disk_total Total disk amount 12288
bat_current Battery amount in time of crash 2
bat_total Total battery amount 100
orientation Orientation of device in time of crash portrait
muted Was device muted in time of crash 1
background Was app in background in time of crash 0
online Was app connected to Internet 1
root Is device rooted/jailbroken 0
error Error stack java.lang.IllegalStateException: at at at at at at at at at
nonfatal Was error handled true
logs Any additional logs or breadcrumbs provided left screen swipe up detected clicked button 4 swipe left detected clicked button 5 clicked button 4
run For how long the app was running before crash 659
custom Any custom key values segments provided with crash { "facebook": "1.8" }
cd Date field tor TTL index 2016-04-18T10:37:35.241Z
not_os_specific Is crash Operating system or platform specific false
group ID of the group where this report was grouped 814f5cab4e69dd5820fc9970e45f961183594a8f
uid Internal ID of the user which had this crash 9
ts Timestamp when crash occurred 1460008263


Here's is how an example document could look like

    "_id": "5714b8f4628c7cd63cdac82d",
    "os": "iOS",
    "os_version": "6.0",
    "manufacture": "Nokia",
    "device": "Nexus 4",
    "resolution": "640x1136",
    "app_version": "2.2",
    "cpu": "x86",
    "opengl": "opengl_es1",
    "ram_current": 812,
    "ram_total": 1024,
    "disk_current": 9308,
    "disk_total": 12288,
    "bat_current": 2,
    "bat_total": 100,
    "orientation": "portrait",
    "muted": 1,
    "background": 1,
    "error": "java.lang.IllegalStateException:\nat\nat\nat\nat\nat\nat\nat\nat\nat",
    "nonfatal": true,
    "logs": "left screen\nswipe up detected\nclicked button 4\nswipe left detected\nclicked button 5\nclicked button 4",
    "run": 659,
    "custom": {
        "facebook": "1.8"
    "cd": "2016-04-18T10:37:35.241Z",
    "not_os_specific": false,
    "group": "814f5cab4e69dd5820fc9970e45f961183594a8f",
    "uid": "9",
    "ts": 1460008263

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