Collection members holds information about users that has access to Countly dashboard and their apps.

Field Description Example
_id Unique automatically generated ID of user 54a51fc98d3461d748000001
full_name Name of the user Arturs Sosins
username Username of the user ar2rsawseen
email Email address of the user
password Hashed password 72d224asd2638722965fa0df997f91ab2e9ed94d
global_admin Boolean if user is global admin and has rights to view and edit any app false
api_key API key used to submit to api when fetching or editing information 1af25fbb7k55a30cd9a084422c905683
created_at Timestamp when user was created 1421980805
admin_of Array of app ID's for which user is admin and can view and edit them [ "54a52008d1b4bbdb48000001", "54b6b5f55b15821c6dade6ea" ]
user_of Array of app ID's which user can view information, but cannot edit [ "54a52008d1b4bbdb48000001", "54b6b5f55b15821c6dade6ea" ]

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