Reports plugin required

This collection might not appear if you don't have reports plugin enabled

Collection reports contains information about created reports that are scheduled to be send information about apps to users periodically

Here is the list of fields available:

Field Description Example
_id Unique id of the report 5705d7a5e7313e322d2ae037
frequency How frequent are emails - daily or weekly daily
apps Array of app ids from which to collect data [ "56e534dda941253d470e1194", "56e534f0a941253d470e1196", "56e53505a941253d470e1198" ]
hour Hour when to send email 3
minute Minute when to send email 0
day On which week day to send email (for weekly emails) 1 - Monday, 7 - Sunday 1
timezone On which timezone time to send out emails "Etc/GMT"
emails Array of emails where to send report [ "" ]
metrics Which metrics to report { "analytics": true, "events": true, "revenue": true, "crash": true }
user Which user id owns this report and can modify it "56e531f23934b132475d0e69"
r_day Send out day in server time 7
r_hour Send out hour in server time 23
r_minute Send out minute in server time 0

Here's is how an example document could look like

    "_id": "571e18c6277f89341ef95aba",
    "frequency": "daily",
    "apps": [
    "hour": 3,
    "minute": 0,
    "timezone": "Etc/GMT",
    "day": 1,
    "emails": [
    "metrics": {
        "analytics": true,
        "events": true,
        "revenue": true,
        "crash": true
    "user": "56e531f23934b132475d0e69",
    "r_day": 7,
    "r_hour": 23,
    "r_minute": 0

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