System logs plugin required

This collection might not appear if you don't have system logs plugin enabled

Collection systemlogs contains information about actions taken in the system and the information about user who performed the action.

List of possible actions:

  • App Created
  • App Updated
  • App Reset
  • App Deleted
  • User Created
  • User Updated
  • User Deleted
  • Login Successful
  • Login Unsuccessful
  • API KEY Successful
  • API KEY Unsuccessful
  • Password request
  • Password reset
  • Settings changed

Plugins may add new actions, so this list is not complete. The list with all actions is stored in separate document with _id "meta_v2"

Here is the list of fields available:

Field Description Example
_id Unique id of the action 5705d7a5e7313e322d2ae037
ts Timestamp when action occurred 1460000677
a Action that happened "App Updated"
u Information about user, depends on action, can be username, or email address ""
ip IP address of the use who performed action ""
i Additional information if available (like deleted app information or user user information) or before/update fields to see what was changed { "name": "My Website", "type": "web", "category": "6", "key": "d64132b5422ec9d173dc91d0971c659ea3ed7924", "timezone": "Asia/Tokyo", "country": "JP", "_id": "5705dk73e7333e3g2d2fe032" }
user_id ID of the user who made the action 5769866342f885de2e9e237d
app_id App ID (if applicable) if action was related to an app 56e531f23934b132475d0e69

Here's is how an example document could look like on systemlogs collection

    "_id": "5705d7a5e7313e322d2ae037",
    "ts": 1460000677,
    "a": "App Updated",
    "u": "",
    "ip": "",
    "i": {
        "name": "My Website",
        "type": "web",
        "category": "6",
        "key": "d64132b5422ec9d173dc91d0971c659ea3ed7924",
        "timezone": "Asia/Tokyo",
        "country": "JP",
        "_id": "5705dk73e7333e3g2d2fe032"

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