Collection data_migrations holds information about your exports, using data migration plugin. If there aren't any exports done on Countly server, you might not have this collection at all.

Here is the list of fields available:

Field Description Example
_id Unique ID, it is created combining App id's from those apps, which are exported. If there is happening another export for the same apps, there still be only one record in collection b18e10498ec0f41a85bb8155ccd4a209819319a3
step Step of export process. One of:"exporting", "packing", "validating_files", "sending", "importing" exporting
status Status of this export step(one of those values): "progress","finished","failed" progress
progress Value (0-100). If export is in exporting step, it shows how many % of documents are exported. (Based on count not size) 50
ts Timestamp of last update 1479283513
reason If there is error in export process - error message is saved here.  
created Timestamp, when export process is started 1479283513
stopped If export process is stopped (via api on pressing button in dashboard)- true, else - false. false
only_export True or false. true: data is only exported and not set to any other server false: exported data should be sent to other server true
server_address Server address, where export should be sent to.
server_token Token created on target server, to allow import a46f5e11bc144e80143b
redirect_traffic True or false. Redirect traffic after data is exported on other server. false
aditional_files True or false. If true - symbolication files are also exported false
apps Array of app id's which are being exported [ "58650a47cc2ed563c5ad964c",
"59650a47cc2ed563c5ad964c" ]
app_names Array of app_names for apps, which are exported ["Test","Test1"]
userid User, who is exporting data 5996c379b4df480650e17df8
email User's email(user, who is exporting data)
log Log name for this export. All logs are saved in countly/logs folder. dm-export_b18e10498ec0f41a85bb8155ccd4a209819319a3.log
export_path Place, where your export is saved. If not different path is set it is in form: {Countly path}/plugins/data_migration/export/{export_id}.tar.gz /usr/local/countly/plugins/data_migration/export/b18e10498ec0f41a85bb8155ccd4a209819319a3.tar.gz

Here's is how an example document could look like on data_migrations collection

  	"_id": ObjectID("b18e10498ec0f41a85bb8155ccd4a209819319a3"),
  	"step": "exporting",
  	"status": "finished",
  	"progress": 0,
  	"ts": 1515593383493,
  	"reason": "",
  	"created": 1515593382313,
  	"stopped": false,
  	"only_export": true,
  	"server_address": "",
  	"server_token": "",
  	"redirect_traffic": false,
  	"aditional_files": false,
  	"apps": [ "58650a47cc2ed563c5ad964c" ],
  	"app_names": [ "Demo" ],
  	"userid": "5996c379b4df480650e17df8",
  	"email": "",
  	"log": "dm-export_b18e10498ec0f41a85bb8155ccd4a209819319a3.log", 				
  	"export_path": "/usr/local/countly/plugins/data_migration/export/b18e10498ec0f41a85bb8155ccd4a209819319a3.tar.gz" 

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