Collection alerts holds information about alerts created by dashboard admin for multi apps about various metrics.

Field Description Example
_id Unique ID of the alert generated by MongoDB engine 59eda7a53a03cb36f15bd8cc
alertName The name you create for the alert, when creating it “Alert for New user increasement”
alertDataType alert Data type contains “event”, “metric”, “crash” three types of data so far. “event”
alertDataSubType sub type of different alertDataType “eventA”
compareType compare condition description (compare with yesterday) "decreased at least by"
compareValue the value of percentage in comparasion 30
period the period to check the alert status "every 59 mins starting on the 59 min"
alertBy now only support alert by email "email"
enabled enable or disable an alert true
selectedApps array of apps id for run this alert [ "59db280f76e99556555d158b", "29db280f76e43556255d1224"]
compareDescribe description for this alert "eventA decreased at least by 30%"
alertValues the countly dashboard user id of which users can receive email for this alert “59db280f76e99556555d158b”
createdBy the countly dashboard users' id who create this alert “59db280f76e99556555d158b”

Here is an example of document:

    "_id": "59eda7a53a03cb36f15bd8cc",
    "alertName": "Alert For event-play-music",
    "alertDataType": "event",
    "alertDataSubType": "event-play-music",
    "compareType": "decreased at least by",
    "compareValue": "30",
    "period": "every 59 mins starting on the 59 min",
    "alertBy": "email",
    "enabled": true,
    "selectedApps": [
    "compareDescribe": "event-play-music decreased at least by 30%",
    "alertValues": [
    "createdBy": "59db280f76e99556555d158b"

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