Views plugin required

This collection might not appear if you don't have views plugin enabled

There are multiple app_crashusers{appID} collections, one collection for each specific app.

Collection name is formed using "app_views" string and app ID.

So for example for app with ID "542e95d747f0be510c000004" the collection name would be: "app_views542e95d747f0be510c000004"

Collection contains data about when was the last time each user visited specific view

Here is the list of fields available:

Field Description Example
_id User's _id 7215b62e4a646bfe96c5a1ef1d2ce671cbd8cf88
{view_name} Uses view name as key and timestamp of last visit as value 1460853160


Here's is how an example document could look like

    "_id": "7215b62e4a646bfe96c5a1ef1d2ce671cbd8cf88",
    "Profile page": 1460853160,
    "Message page": 1460858190

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