Collection campaigns contains information about all created campaigns.

Here is the list of fields available:

Field Description Example
_id Unique ID of the campaign. It is generated using app_id, campaign name and timestamp upon creation or set by specific value (For example organic campaigns have id "organic"+app_id 7e28add2d3f9ca14f5d33f700b17fa35c1e4c685


name The name of campaign(given when creating) Test Campaign
link Default redirect url (as written when creating campaign) https://mypage?ok=true
links Other redirect urls (when having different redirect urls for different platforms) "links": { "android": "" }
fingerprint True or false. If true Countly tries to recognize users by created digital fingerprint. true false
cost Number. Cost for campaign. Set as saved when creating campaign. It can mean cost per click, campaign or install. (Based on type - costtype) 10
costtype One of the: 1. install - per install 2. click - per click 3. campaign - per campaign install click campaign
type One of: 1. default (Web campaign) 2. adwordsdefault (Adwords Display Network) 3. adwords_universal (Adwords Universal) 4. server_to_server (Server to Server) default
typedata Additional data when creating different type of campaign. { "server_to_server": { "resolve": "postback" } }
created_at Timestamp when campaign was created 1565606830
edited_at Timestamp when app was edited. (The same as created_at if campaign never edited) 1565606830
app_id Application id for which campaign is created. 5d274f7a65310065a9eeec3e
postbacks Array with postback links [" = 1234&p=test"]
aclk All clicks for this campaign 10
ins All installs for this campaign 10
clk All unique clicks for this campaign 10
rev Total revenue for this campaign 10
ses Total session count for this campaign 10
totalCost Total cost for this campaign 10


Here's is how an example document could look like on apps collection

    "_id": "69c60bc684e1ea39f67de28f4d24195c9c3d803a",
    "name": "Test campaign",
    "link": "http://my_page?ok=true",
    "fingerprint": true,
    "cost": 5,
    "costtype": "install",
    "links": {},
    "type": "default",
    "postbacks": [
        " = 1234&p=test"
    "app_id": "5d274f7a65310065a9eeec3e",
    "typedata": {},
    "created_at": 1565606830,
    "edited_at": 1565606830,
    "aclk": 5,
    "ins": 10,
    "clk": 200,
    "rev": 5,
    "ses": 8,
    "totalCost": 12

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