Funnels plugin required

This collection might not appear if you don't have funnels plugin enabled

Collection funnels contains overall information about funnels as names and ordered list of event keys that need to be performed to pass through funnel.

Here is the list of possible fields

Field Description Example
_id Unique Funnel ID 84b5c0139e32ddcaab555905dde1cac4
app_id ID of the app, for which funnel was created 542e95d747f0be510c000004
name Name of the funnel Purchase flow
description Description of the funnel Funnel for purchase flow
steps Event keys that need to be received in that order for user to pass through funnel [ "Login", "Buy", "Logout" ]
queries Segmentation queries for each step in the funnel. [ {"":{"$in":["Berserker"]}}, { "s" : { "$in" : [10]}}, {}, ]

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