There are multiple web_feedback_widgets_{appID} collections, one collection for each specific app.

Collection name is formed using "web_feedback_widgets_" string and app ID.

So for example for app with ID "542e95d747f0be510c000004" the collection name would be: "web_feedback_widgets542e95d747f0be510c000004"

Here is the list of possible fields

Field Description Example
_id Unique widget ID 542e95d747f0be510c000004
popup_header_text Main title text of feedback widget popup What's your opinion about this page
popup_comment_callout Label of "Add comment" checkbox Add comment
popup_email_callout Label of "Contact me by email" checkbox Contact me by email
popup_button_callout Text of submit button Submit feedback
popup_thanks_message Thank you message text Thanks for your feedback
trigger_position Position of feedback trigger div on page mbottom
trigger_bg_color Background color of feedback trigger div on page "#135f99"
trigger_font_color Font color of feedback trigger div on page "#FFFFFF"
trigger_button_text Title text of feedback trigger div on page Leave us feedback
target_devices Target devices array for feedback widget ["mobile","desktop","tablet"]
target_pages Target pages array for feedback widget ["/"]
target_page This feedback widget for all pages or just selected widget? all
is_active This feedback widget is active? true
hide_sticker For manual triggered use cases hidden sticker option true

Here is an example of feedback widget document:

    "_id" : ObjectId("5b2ceb1b6b71e62eb22d6a46"),
    "popup_header_text" : "Widget 1",
    "popup_button_callout" : "Submit feedback",
    "popup_comment_callout" : "Add comment",
    "popup_thanks_message" : "Thank you for your feedback",
    "trigger_position" : "mleft",
    "trigger_bg_color" : "132f1d",
    "trigger_button_text" : "Feedback",
    "trigger_font_color" : "#FFFFFF",
    "target_devices" : "[\"mobile\",\"desktop\",\"tablet\"]",
    "target_page" : "selected",
    "target_pages" : "[\"/\"]",
    "is_active" : "true"

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