Dashboards plugin required

This collection might not appear if you don't have dashboards plugin enabled

Collection widgets holds information about the widget added to the selected dashboard.

Here is the list of fields available:

Field Description Example
_id Unique ID of the dashboard generated by MongoDB engine 5a1bacee8sa47667f394cb43
widget_type Type of the widget created, could be plugin based as well bar-chart
title Title of the widget Test-widget
isPluginWidget true or false value if widget dependent on a plugin or not true
apps Unique app id's for which the widget will display data [ "7a770b5b2ba948b9d3cc64ee", "48b9d3cc64ee7a770b5b2ba9" ]
position Normalized value for the position of the widget on the screen as [x-coordinate, y-coordinate] [0, 0]
size Normalized value for the size of the widget on the screen as [width, height] [6, 2]

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