A/B testing plugin required

This collection might not appear if you don't have ab testing plugin enabled

There are multiple ab_testing_experiments{appID} collections, one for each application. This collection holds information about the ab testing experiments for the selected application.

Here is the list of possible fields -

Field Description Example
_id Unique ID of the condition generated by MongoDB engine 6c6596239592c96ae9e970bf
id An auto increment experiment number 1
name The name of the experiment My test experiment
type Type of the experiment remote-config
target_users An object containing percentage and filter info of the users for whom the experiment is targeted { "percentage": "50", "condition": "{\"up.d\":{\"$in\":[\"iPhone8,1\"]}}", "condition_definition": "Device = iPhone 6s" }
goals An array containing the experiment goals. Goals are similar to cohorts query [ { "steps": "[{\"type\":\"did\",\"event\":\"[CLY]_session\",\"times\":{\"$gte\":1},\"period\":\"0days\",\"query\":{},\"queryText\":\"\",\"byVal\":\"\"}]", "user_segmentation": "{\"query\":{\"custom.Facebook Login\":{\"$in\":[\"true\"]}},\"queryText\":\"Facebook Login = true\"}" } ]
variants An array containing the variants of the experiment [ { "name": "Control group", "parameters": [ { "name": "button_color", "value": "red" } ] }, { "name": "Variant A", "parameters": [ { "name": "button_color", "value": "green" } ] } ]
status The status of the experiment - drafts, running, completed completed
created_at A unix timestamp (in millisecond) marking the experiment creation time 1564896097406
started_at A unix timestamp (in millisecond) marking the experiment start time 1564896098406
completed_at A unix timestamp (in millisecond) marking the experiment completion time 1564896197406
position Array with x and y coordinates of the experiment on the display grid [0,0]
size Array with width and height of the experiment [4,3]
results A result string of the experiment "{\"total_users\":0,\"improvement_data\":[{\"0\":[],\"index\":0,\"label\":\"Control group\",\"total_variant_users\":0},{\"0\":[],\"index\":1,\"label\":\"Variant A\",\"total_variant_users\":0}],\"performance_data\":{\"0\":[]},\"winner\":{\"winner\":null,\"variant_index\":null,\"winner_status\":\"winner_not_found\"}}"

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