Report Manager


Report Manager


The Report Manager feature is available in both Countly Lite and Countly Enterprise. 

The Report Manager allows you to access all big queries that are run on features and may take too long to run. You can follow the status of the queries or manage them from Report Manager directly placed on the Sidebar.

Getting Started

To access your reports (queries may take some time for calculation), click on the Report Manager icon in the Sidebar.


Report Manager Overview

Understanding Reports


Report Manager includes details about all the reports that were generated automatically by some Countly features when a query may have taken too long to run. The report is auto-generated (so that you do not need to wait for the query to run) and is stored here, allowing you to access it at a later time. With Countly 22.03 and newer versions, you can easily access running or completed queries from the recent reports popover inside features (e.g., Drill, Formulas). Report Manager shows all those queries in the same table.

Using Report Manager

To use the Report Manager feature, click on the Report Manager icon in the Sidebar. A table will pop up. Using the first two dropdown menus, determine the origin of the report, i.e., from which feature the report must have been created, and the status of the report. Report status includes completed, running, re-running, or having faced an error, or all.

The table within the pop-up will automatically be updated with the relevant reports. To download the content of the table, click the Downward arrow button at the top right of the pop-up. You can also search for any specific data or report by using the Search bar at the top right of the pop-up.

The below details will be visible for each report within the table:

  1. Name and Description: Name and description of the report.
  2. Status: Whether completed, run, re-run, or having had an issue when running.
  3. Origin: The feature from where the data was run/collected.
  4. Last Updated: Data on which the report was last updated.
  5. Duration: Time spent on calculation or on running the query. 

You can click on the 3-dot ellipsis menu button of each report (right of the report row) to view the report, re-run the report, or delete the report by clicking the respective buttons.

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