Countly 22.x FAQs


What is Countly 22.x?

Countly 22.x refers to Countly 22.03 and newer versions. The Countly 22.03 release was different from our other releases. Changes to specific features were accompanied by a completely new, fresh user interface. After Countly 22.03, we are continuing to work on regular updates and will release these newer versions - with feature requests and feature improvements - throughout the next many months. Hence, any version of Countly starting with Countly 22.03 is referred to as Countly 22.x.

Why does Countly need a new user interface?

It had been a while since we did a major update on our user interface, so it is perfectly normal that you are quite used to the existing one by now. Trust us, so were we! However, we paid close attention to the feedback provided by our clients and decided that, as we continue to add new features, information needs to be presented in the most intuitive and effective way. A cleaner interface displays information better, hence giving you more power to interact with your insights.

Where can I find something I used to find easily before?

It is true that several features and their output may have moved to a new location. We have introduced a new User Guides section dedicated to Countly 22.x to help you get used to the new feature placement. This section will be regularly updated with more User Guides. In the coming weeks, we will also be adding walk-through videos where we go over each feature as well as the main differences between our previous user interface and this new one.

Does the new Countly version (22.03 and beyond) have any effect on the current version of any SDK?

No. Countly 22.03 and beyond do not affect the SDKs you may be using. SDKs only need to be upgraded if we add new features. However, the Countly 22.x releases are focused on an enhanced UI, and do not require feature-specific SDK upgrades. You can find the relevant SDKs, as always, here.

Did you remove the Number Widget from the Dashboard in Countly 22.x?

Not exactly. One of the major differences between the old and new UI is that while we have removed the following four widget types from the new UI - Time series, Bar chart, Number, and Table, these widget types are now moved under the setting called Visualization. So in the new UI you will have to first select your widget type (Analytics, Push, Crash, etc.), then select the visualization for it (Time series, Bar chart, Number, and Table), and then other widget-related settings.

Did any plugins or features get removed?

Two features became redundant, as their functionalities were absorbed as defaults for Countly 22.x versions: EChartMap and Restrict access.

Assistant, on the other hand, was discontinued in its entirety. Instead, if necessary, it can be manually replaced by Alerts to deliver insights proactively.

In all three cases, the features need to be individually disabled from Countly in Management > Feature Management.

Can Countly import historical data from any other Analytics platform?

Yes, but Countly does not have a specific tool to import data from other Analytics platforms. Instead, you can make an SDK like request using a Bulk Import Script available on Github.

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