Feedback Overview


Feedback is the section of the Main Menu where you will be able to create a comprehensive strategy for getting first-hand feedback from your users, using tools that are crucial to putting together any Voice of the Customer research. For this purpose, Countly provides you with 3 different features: Surveys, NPS, and Ratings.

Note that some individual components might be restricted depending on whether you are using Countly Enterprise or Countly Lite. You can validate which features correspond to each edition here.

Understanding Feedback

Difference between the Ratings, Surveys, and NPS features

They are all Feedback features, but they address different aspects in the customer experience:

  • Ratings can be added to any page and incorporate a scale to answer a very straightforward customer satisfaction question. Their segmentation is based on the user’s device and the page they view.
  • Surveys run based on behavioral or property segmentation, providing flexibility to customize up to 5 questions and to customize target segmentation.
  • NPS(Net Promoter Score®) is triggered when users/customers perform an event and has a very standardized calculation method.

Strategizing with Feedback

Feedback features are crucial for gaining direct insights into your users' opinions. The outcome of behavioral or device performance trends, for instance, obtained from other analytics features of Countly will never give you a complete picture of the customer journey if you are not listening to what your users have to say.

For example, let's say that your users stop at a certain step of a purchase funnel while shopping for clothes in your app. You may think that it is related to the slow rendering of your app on their devices. However, it might be because users cannot find the color of the clothes they were searching for and dropped out. Data insights coming from the way you segment your audience or if your app is buggy or crashes will not get you to the answer - the color selection in your online store is insufficient - unless you actually ask your users what is making them not complete the purchase.

You must understand what exactly is the user doing in your app to determine which Feedback tool you will use, as each comes with advantages. But note that, if you ask your users for their opinions at the incorrect time, then it would be detrimental to your product. For example, if a user experiences a crash, logs back in, and a Ratings widget pops up to check their level of satisfaction, the user will be definitely be taken aback by an apparent lack of tact.

You can imbed all your strategies (development, design, campaigns, etc.) with the implementation of different tools that will, on the one hand, feed you with timely, crucial insights regarding user journey, and on the other, will make your users feel appreciated and further increase their loyalty.


  • Surveys feature allows creation and customization of user property-based and behavior-based surveys for web and mobile apps.
  • User research and feedback collection are crucial for understanding customer needs, improving product value, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Surveys provide immediate feedback from both high and low engagement users, enabling targeted insights and analysis.
  • Key benefits of using Surveys include segmented feedback, high response rates, feature testing, user experience analysis, and market research.
  • Surveys empower users to voice their opinions, identify pain points, and contribute to improving product retention and customer satisfaction. For an overview of how to use surveys, have a look here.

NPS - Net Promoter Score®

  • NPS feature is used for collecting customer loyalty and sentiments. Standardized NPS score is a technique used for industry comparison.
  • Tracks user loyalty and identifies actions that lead to higher NPS.
  • Provides insights into actions that improve user loyalty.
  • NPS available for web and mobile applications.
  • Customizable options to suit different user segments. For an overview of how to use NPS, have a look here.


  • Ratings feature is used for collecting user feedback.
  • Quick and easy data collection.
  • Store, search, and track user feedback.
  • Integration with web and mobile applications.
  • User-triggered data collection process. For an overview of how to use Ratings, have a look here.

User Consent (Terms and Conditions)

The option of getting User Consent for a particular survey is now available in each of the feedback features of Countly. This helps you to stay compliant with GDPR, as the feedback collection request will be sent to each user who opts in to provide feedback.

The following section has been added to each of the feedback widgets. You can enable it while creating any new survey, rating, or NPS. 


Once you check the checkbox Add user consent, you can edit the text, which will be displayed, to the end user while collecting their feedback. The maximum number of characters allowed to enter the text is 94 characters.

Then, under the Link(s) section, you can add links to your terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other links that will clearly define your policies regarding user data.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can I remove Countly labelling on my Feedback widgets?

Countly allows you to upload your logo while creating your Surveys widgets. For Ratings widgets, you can fully customize them from CSS. More information on customizing each widget can be found in the respective User Guide for each Plugin.

Can I create Alerts and reports based on Feedback plugins?

Both Alerts and Email Reports can be created for customizable changes to Ratings data. More information can be found in the Alerts and Reports User Guide.

We use the Countly Compliance Hub plugin. Will Surveys or NPS widgets automatically be shown to users/visitors who haven’t allowed cookies or tracking?

If your NPS and Survey widgets are triggered for pre-defined conditions like user profile or user events, the users who didn't accept cookies/tracking options won’t see your NPS and Survey widgets. You can track these permissions via the Compliance Hub.

On the other hand, if your NPS and Surveys are not triggered by pre-defined conditions (e.g. selecting all visitors to a website), all users will visualize the widgets regardless of whether they accept or decline your compliance agreements.

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