Config Transfer



The Config Transfer plugin can be used to export configurations of other plugins into another instance of Countly. You can export entire A/B testing experiments or entire Dashboards and import them to a completely different Countly instance.


The Config Transfer plugin is available in Countly Enterprise.

Getting Started

On the left main navigation menu, go to Utilities>Config Transfer. By default the Export Configs” tab is shown. This tab lists all exportable plugin configurations in the table on the left side.


How to Export Configurations


In the Select Configs for Export table on the left side, select the available configurations using the corresponding checkbox. You can also select individual items of a particular configuration using the collapsible arrow on the right side of each configuration. As you select configurations, they appear in the Configs to Export table on the right side.

To deselect any of the plugin configurations, unchecking them in either the left or right table removes them from the selection to be exported.

Once you have selected all configurations to be exported, click on the Export as File button in the upper-right corner. The configuration will automatically be downloaded to your device as a .json file.

How to Import Configurations

Next to the Export Configs tab is the Import Configs tab. 


A file downloaded from the Export Config section from any Countly instance can be uploaded in this section by clicking the browse link or by dragging and dropping the file onto the white upload area.

Once the file has been selected, the import process can be started by clicking the Import button on the top right corner of the upload area.

The imported configurations will be visible in their respective sections, e.g. imported dashboards would be visible in the Dashboards dropdown.


The dependencies for each exported item are exported and then imported into the new instance without any extra configuration.

For example: If Dashboard A depends on Cohorts x and y, both Cohorts x and y will be exported with the file as well.

Supported Plugins

Config Transfer can be implemented in:

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