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Email Reports is a feature that generates automatic customizable reports that help product managers, application developers, and anyone involved with the product to get targeted summaries of analytics, crashes, or push notifications on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Getting Started

First of all, make sure Email Reports is enabled. To do so, in the main Countly Dashboard, go to Management > Plugins and enable the Email Reports toggle.

After that, you will find Email Reports in the Utilities section of your Countly Dashboard.

Providing that you already have existing reports, they will be shown in this screen. There you can stop and resume the report's automatic delivery with the toggle button and, through the 3-dot ellipsis menu, you can Edit, Preview, Delete, or choose to Send Now (without breaking the reports' determined delivery frequency).


Adding a New Report

From the Email Reports screen, click on the Create new report button on the top right corner of the screen. The Create new e-mail report drawer will appear. There, you are going to set the following parameters:

  1. Report name: What the email report will be called.
  2. Emails: Users who are going to receive this email report.
  3. Report Type:
    • Core Reports provide data from the plugins used like Events, Analytics, Crash, etc. 
    • Dashboard Reports will be reflected in a custom dashboard, letting you select the dashboard in which you want to replicate the report.
  4. Applications to receive reports from: Apps for which this report will be generated. You can define a report for as many apps as you want.
  5. Data included: A selection of different metrics that should be included in the report. You can select as many metrics as you want.
  6. Frequency: Daily, weekly, or monthly emails.
  7. Time: Email sending time based on the selected timezone of the application.


When you click on Create New E-mail Report, your screen will look like the following.



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