Countly Implementation and Technical Troubleshooting


I enabled a plugin, but can't see its effect on the dashboard

You will still see the old (previous) dashboard when caching services (CloudFlare, for example), cache pages, and when you make a change to the server code (e.g. by enabling a plugin). If this is the case for you, simply flush your cache service and you will be able to see the new plugin functionality.

I reinstalled Countly and need to create an app using the previous key. How can I do this?

If you reinstalled Countly and need the app key in order to create another application with the same key used by your previous applications, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your server shell
  2. Connect to mongodb as follows: mongo countly
  3. Execute db.apps.find()
  4. Find the ID of the application that you want to modify
  5. Execute the update as follows: db.apps.update({id: "ID_YOU_GOT_FROM_PREVIOUS_STEP"},{"$set": {"app_key": "NEW_APP_KEY"}});

I upgraded my Linux to another version and Countly no longer works

When you upgrade a Linux box and a change has been made in your configuration files or how the underlying Linux works (e.g. switching from initd to systemd), you will need to run (with root credentials) the following:

# bash bin/upgrade/16.12/

Replace 16.12 above with your current version.

Also, check if your nginx configuration file is backed up (/etc/nginx/nginx.conf.dpkg-old for Ubuntu and either .rpmnew or .rpmsave for CentOS/Red Hat). In this case, copy your customized nginx file on top of /etc/nginx/nginx.conf.

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