The Consolidate plugin is a powerful tool that enables the combining of multiple Countly applications into a new, consolidated application. This new application, in turn, allows all the available data from the other applications to be accessed in a single place in your Dashboard, giving you the power to, for example, drill it at will or to create more wide-ranging reports that will let you analyze data from a higher level than one specific application.


Using Consolidate to create a new application will effectively duplicate the incoming data, with one set being recorded first in the original application and the second in the consolidated app. This can effectively affect deployment, server requirements, and datapoint processing. Please check with your Account Manager or our Support Team for details on how Consolidate can affect the data points being processed through Countly.

When using this plugin, the data visible in the new application will be the new, incoming data. This means that pre-existing, stored data from the original applications is not added in the new consolidated application, ruling out retroactive data collection. Also, since the consolidated app will only deal with incoming data, testing is only possible using real data since the data populator does not propagate from the original apps.


Using Consolidate

The consolidation of application data is one of the particular settings for each application, along with JIRA, Push Notifications, and several others.

You can only consolidate applications in the same server.

Using it is quite simple:

1. Create a new application

On the top, right-side corner, click on Management > Applications. Upon accessing this new menu, click on the + Add new app button on the left side, fill out the fields on the right side, and click Add application on the bottom right corner.


2. Consolidate pre-existing applications into your new application

Automatically, a menu containing APP SETTINGS will appear below. Go to the Consolidate section, select the existing applications from which you would like data to be reflected in this new application, and click the green Save button.


And that is all! You will get a notification confirming your changes, and you will now be able to visualize the data from the applications you selected by searching for the newly created application.


Use Case Example

Say that you have a mobile and a web application in Countly, and that you maintain them as separate apps. In both applications, you use user_id to identify customers.

You would like to be able to access and analyze the user_id values from both applications.

  1. Check that the application is already tracking user_id values and that the name of the property matches in both applications, i.e. in each application you have a user_id property.
  2. Simply create a new application with the name of your choice. Providing that both your mobile and web application are in the same server, you will be able to consolidate them in the new application.
  3. Select the new application and get your analysis started!



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