Single Sign-On


This plugin lets you authenticate users of your product into Countly without going through a login form.


The Single Sign-On plugin is available only in Countly Enterprise.

Setting up Single Sign-On

In order to use this plugin, you will first need to programatically (or manually) create a Countly Dashboard user corresponding to each of your product users. 

First, go to Management > Users in the top-right of your Countly Dashboard. There, create a new user using the Create new user button and assign them rights to the desired applications, as shown below.


Then, send your user to{your-api-key} to land the user on the Countly Dashboard. Considering that:

  • user: Countly username or email
  • api_key: Countly API key for the user

All possible parameters that can be used in your SSO request are:

  • user username or email address of the Countly user
  • api_key Countly API key for the user
  • redirect URL to redirect to, after the SSO
  • ignore if true user will be redirected to redirect URL even if there was an error

In order to log the user out after they log out from your product, use with the optional URL parameter redirect in order to set where the user will be sent to after logout.

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