Self-hosted Installation Troubleshooting


I installed Countly on an Amazon AWS but I cannot reach the dashboard

By default, Amazon doesn't allow you reach port 80. You should allow incoming connections to port 80 via the security group on your dashboard as you create your Amazon instance.

I installed Countly on Google Cloud, but the server cannot send emails

All outbound known mail sending ports are blocked on Google Cloud instances due to the large amount of abuse, and you will need to use third party services to send out emails. Google recommends you use one of the mailing service mentioned in their documentation.

I installed Countly, but forgot my password

When you first installed Countly, chances are you haven't yet set up DNS or MX records, so the "forgot password" link won't work. In this case, you should create a global admin user from your console using the following command:

countly add_user  

Then, login to your dashboard with this user and password. You may then change the password of the user you have created before.

How can I restart Countly?

In order to restart Countly, type the following as root:

countly stop
countly start

How do I reinstall Countly?

Deleting the countly directory, extracting the new package to the same directory, and running countly upgrade should do the trick. This is explained in the Upgrading Countly documentation. If you have an old server, we suggest you read this documentation first.

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