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After giving consents back, gender gets sent doubled?

Hi count.ly Team,


Last week I encountered the following issue: By default the consents (

'sessions', 'events', 'views', 'users', 'location', 'crashes'

) are given for tracking events, views etc. When I remove the consents to stop tracking, and switch gender via 

Countly.setUserData(xy) the value of gender in countly backend seems to be for a (short?) time doubled, meaning it is 'MaleFemale', see attached image.
Question: Is it just a UI bug, or does it affect actually the saved values (and therefore possibly all users)?


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  • Hi Simone,

    Could you please look for that user on the DB Viewer and check what is/are the values stored for gender?

    You can filter by userID (uid);

    We look forward to your reply.

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