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iOS SDK offline operation questions (storedRequestsLimit, sending events, retries)

I'm implementing Countly integration in an iOS app that will operate in a bad-to-none internet connection environment, and I have a few questions:
1. What is the maximum value I can set in storedRequestsLimit?  
2. Is it possible to receive a callback or to be notified in any other way once Countly sends an event successfully or unsuccessfully?
3. What happens when Countly encounters an error while sending an event, e.g., 4xx-5xx codes from the server or request timeout? Does Countly retry to send the event?



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    1) The SDK does not cap the value of "storedRequestsLimit", so the theoretical max value is the max NSUInteger size. The realistic limit would be determined by the memory and storage of the target device. At some point it would potentially crash due to a lack of memory, or negatively impact the end users app experience due to the high memory usage.

    2) No, there is no such mechanism 

    3) In case of network failure, the SDK will retry sending the request. Requests are only removed from the persistent queue only if the server responded with a "success" or if the request queue is full and a new request has to be added.

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  • Hi Arturs!
    Thanks for your detailed answer!

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