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Mobile client to server communication questions

Platform: Android to iOS

Q1. If a device goes from offline to online and has 1 saved event in the queue, how long will it take before the first attempt to send it to the server?

Q2. When the event arrived at the server, how long will it take for this event to be available on the dashboard?

Q3. Is there any data compression when transferring data from the client to the server part of Countly?



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    Hello Oleksii,

    Thanks for reaching out to us! 

    To answer your questions: 

    Q1: If, during a loss of connection, the SDK is not able to perform any network activity, it will wait for a while before reattempting the upload of recorded information. By default, this delay is 60 seconds (can be changed during init) and is tied to the session update tick interval. 

    Q2: The data should appear within seconds after reaching your countly server.

    I also recommend you check out our detailed Guide about "How long does it take for my data to show up on Countly?" here

    Q3: The only time we do compression is for automatic symbol file upload (please see here for reference). 

    I hope this helps! 

    Thanks and Regards,


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  • Hello Gia

    Thank you very much for prompt and detailed answers.


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