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Events count dont add up

I am sending different custom events but none of them are counting. I also can't see any of the segmentations I am adding. for example, i am collecting click events with different segmentations but I can only see the click events in the dashboard with 0 count.
I am using the web-sdk 22.6.5 & server 18.01.1

The debug logs doesnt show any errors:

[DEBUG] Sending XML HTTP request
[DEBUG] send_request_queue HTTP request completed [200][{"result":"Success"}]

The api logs shows the following error:

{ MongoError: new file allocation failure
    at Function.MongoError.create (/usr/local/countly/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/error.js:31:11)
    at toError (/usr/local/countly/node_modules/mongodb/lib/utils.js:139:22)
    at /usr/local/countly/node_modules/mongodb/lib/collection.js:669:23
    at handleCallback (/usr/local/countly/node_modules/mongodb/lib/utils.js:120:56)
    at resultHandler (/usr/local/countly/node_modules/mongodb/lib/bulk/ordered.js:421:14)
    at /usr/local/countly/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/connection/pool.js:469:18
    at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:73:7)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:104:9)
  name: 'MongoError',
  message: 'new file allocation failure',
  driver: true,
  code: 12520,
  index: 0,
  errmsg: 'new file allocation failure',
  getOperation: [Function],
  toJSON: [Function],
  toString: [Function] } { collection: 
   SkinClass {
     _construct_args: [],
     _native: Collection { s: [Object] },
     _emitter: EventEmitter { domain: null, _events: {}, _eventsCount: 0, _maxListeners: 50 },
     _state: 2,
      SkinClass {
        _construct_args: [],
        _native: [Object],
        _emitter: [Object],
        _state: 2,
        _connect_args: [Object],
        ObjectID: [Object],
        encode: [Function],
        decode: [Function],
        onOpened: [Function],
        s: {},
        _collection: [Function],
        collection: [Function] },


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    Hi Adam,

    Upon initial inspection, it appears that the error you are experiencing is related to the creation of a new file. The error message suggests that the system is unable to allocate additional storage space for the MongoDB operation to proceed. There are several factors that could be causing this issue, including insufficient disk space, file system permissions issues, and problems with MongoDB's internal storage engine.

    Please note that this issue does not appear to be related to SDK integration. However, we would like to remind you that having mismatched SDK and server versions can also cause issues. We recommend updating your server to the latest available version to ensure compatibility with your SDK. For more information on getting started with SDKs, please refer to this link: https://support.count.ly/hc/en-us/articles/900000908046-Getting-started-with-SDKs#is-my-sdk-version-compatible-with-my-server.

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