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Documentation on countlyCommon.draw.*

Hey there,

I'm currently trying to develop a plugin. I already successfully created my own endpoint as well as an html template. Now I want display the data (already displaying as {{JSON.stringify(data)}} in my template) in a graphical way.

The documentation I found here wasn't very informative (and sometimes outdated to what I found elsewhere).

So I went through the other plugins and a bunch of draw-operations (e.g. countlyCommon.drawHorizontalStackedBars()` - but I could not find any docu on that. I assume that calls to your draw command return html that can then be injected into the template?

Could you share some docu? Or maybe I was just not able to find it? Questions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Which render components are available? (countlyCommon.drawTimeGraph, countlyCommon.drawHorizontalStackedBars, etc.)
  2. What's the right way to inject into my template.html file?

Thanks in advance,




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