Newly updated to 18.04

I had a countly installation working on Ubuntu 16.04 for about a year and a half now. I know as per this: Did an apt-get update on my countly server, now getting 502 Bad Gateway

that you're not supposed to run countly on ubuntu 18.04. However, the official docs now seem to say that countly supports ubuntu 18.04 (and the version of countly is 18.04 now ?? is this related?)

Anyway, as time went by and for other reasons I need to update this instance to ubuntu 18.04. So I updated countly as per this document :

and then updated ubuntu to 18.04. Now that I've done so, I have this error: issue while starting countly (I've tried reinstalling node.js, but I'm not very familiar with it)

and my instance is giving me a 502 bad gateway error. What do I do? Is countly STILL not compatible with Ubuntu 18.04? Do I have to roll this back to 16.04 to make it work again? What gives?




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