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I'm contracting for a company building an iOS application for the kids category. Apples new guidelines regarding analytics state: “Apps in the kids category may not include third-party advertising or analytics."

I've reached out to Apple and have searched the web trying to better understand this but Apple responded with:

Thank you for contacting App Store Review regarding the new guideline changes and utilizing analytics.

We are unable to provide pre-approval or guidance on app ideas or concepts. After you have submitted your app, we will provide feedback during the review process, if applicable.

If we have questions about your app or any of its implementations during review, we will reach out to you directly.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the App Store Review Guidelines and the App Review process before submitting your app.

I came across Countly and am wondering if we use Enterprise edition hosted on a Countly server are we being compliant with Apple's guidelines or do we need to host Countly on one of our servers?

If anyone can provide some insight or personal experience about this it'd be much appreciated.



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  • Hi @jkotai - thanks for dropping by and asking for more clarification. Apple clearly states that any 3rd party analytics as a SaaS offering cannot be used to track insights from apps if that app is intended for kids or in Kids category. Existing apps must conform this by September 3, 2019.

    We wanted to make sure that what is mentioned in the guidelines is well received and there are no doubts about using a self hosted platform:

    In your case you would need to use an analytics solution where data will be forwarded to your own domain. This can be achieved using a handful of methods with Countly Enterprise Edition.

    I would suggest that you get in touch with us ( and we will guide you about different options

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