Overview menu,Dashboard is missing for type: Mobile

When I open Countly Overview menu it says " Dashboard is missing for type: Mobile
Please Install plugin here
change app type here ".
When I click to "change app type here" link, there is nothing on Application Type combo.
Before this error this combo was "Mobile,Web, vs.."
What is the reason for this error?



  • Is it possible that someone disabled those plugins?

    Can you check under Management -> Plugins that they are enabled or enable them if they are disabled?

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  • Thank you for your fast return.
    We did not disabled any plugins.
    For error users There is only Applications, Users, Report Manager and Help under Management menu.
    Also I forgot to write, we have 3 countly admins accesing this area. 2 days ago there was no problem. Yesterday morning one of my colleague got this error, the others was fine. Yesterday afternoon 2 of us got this error. Now 1 person accesing this screen with no error, the others getting this error.

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  • I see,
    so it is possible some load time javascript error prevents from plugins coming after that error to load their views.

    Can you check the browser console/developer tools if there are any errors there?

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