How to county support tracking by user with Funnel not custom event

Hello all. I want tracking all user by Funel step by step. Example: Step one i want track all user in all location. And step two i want know: User in specific location view Home Page. It base on user not base on custom event or event. But i can't not find it from funnel Countly. It only base on event. How to i work it ?



  • Hello,
    sorry but view is not user level property, view is a separate event. So if you want to have "user accessed view" that as a step in the funnel, it will be possible. But in this case, you cannot guarantee that event actually happened on that view in this case. User might visited view, then visited another view and then had event for next step.

    If you want to get all users for which event happened on that view, you will need to have view name as segment for your event inside SDK.

    Or maybe I misunderstood you, in which case, please elaborate more on what you want to achieve

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  • Thank You for help. I want step some funnel:
    Step 1 : All User Tracking(It same User Overview Page. It total number user but i can't choice it from funnel).
    Step 2 : If one user access Home page i want tracking it. Base one user. Not event. Example User 123 access Home I want tracking it. But i can't choice from funnel. Funnel not show me.
    Step 3: If One user click button close from Home Page, i want tracking it. Base on user.

    How to i work it ? I need change event sdk ? How to i specific unique user from funnel and how to i count total number user from funnel.

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  • So I guess it could be like this

    Funnel with steps:

    1. View
      with segment: View name = Overview Page
    2. View
      with segment: View name = Home page
    3. Event for close button click

    You can track views with View tracking in SDK manual or automatic
    And you need to dispatch event for that button click on close button for Home Page view

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  • Thank you. If i want replace View to Total User. How to i get total user from User OverView Page with Countly and apply it to funnel. Because i had see Countly total user but i can't view it from funnel.
    Funnel Step :

    1. Total User (Same Countly tracking from User Overview)
    2. User view page( with segment : Page: Home Page)
    3. User click(with segment : Page: Home page)

    I mean: Step 1 in funnel only show Total User.And step two i want show New Users .
    But i can't select it from funnel
    You can't see not have total user from select. I want show total user, unique user new user ... and track how many user. Not event. But only event from dropdown

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