How to delete countly data based on device_Id?


We are using free version of Countly. Sessions are tracked based on deviceID (UUID is used as device id which is generated once per system).
Does Countly provides any API to delete, read analytics tracked per device id so that we can be GDPR compliant?

I have gone through the links related to GDPR support by Countly. All the links mention that per user basis data can be retrieved and deleted.
But, I could not get any information about tracking per device id.

Thank you.



  • Hello,
    so there are two types of data Countly stores

    1. aggregated anonymous data
    2. identifiable data, like properties for specific user, which crashes user had, etc

    We cannot delete aggregated data, because after it is aggregated, we don't know to which user it belongs to.
    But all identifiable information about user can be deleted through this endpoint:

    Additionally since Countly version 18.04 you should have compliance hub plugin, which adds new section under Management -> Compliance hub

    There you can view user consents (if you are using consents in your SDK), as well as UI to find user by device_id and delete or export all identifiable information about user to be GDPR compliant.

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  • Okay....... Thank you:)

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