[Announcement] New C API with GObject


I'm developing a native SDK that can be integrated into Android (yes I know new NDK policies and recommendations to avoid it), Linux and maybe Windows (Not sure if add support). Inside this NSDK (Native SDK), I added Countly support. Still in early stages.

With it you can capture native crashes (I will add a screenshot). Session management, and slowly I will add support for the rest of the API.

Currently only session support and crash management is added. Session management can be done automatically, by an internal thread that will take of it meanwhile it's instantiated. And crash management is done also automatically if you initialize the library as required.

You can check it out here:


Maybe it worth it separate the Countly stuff in other, more standalone library. If it gets enough interest I will do it.

The support is based on libsoup and gobject+glib. And it seems quite effective.

Crash support has been ripped from Gimp 2.10

I will reintegrate this support on Gimp if everything goes right.

License is opensource and you are welcome to contribute...




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