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Hi there!

We are trying to find out a way to dig in our active users definition. We would like to be able to check how often 1 user uses the app in a given time period (for example, was that user using the app at least 5 times within the last 7 days). Ideally have an aggregated view of this (how many users used the app at least once in the last 7 days, twice in the last 7 days, 3 times in the last 7 days... for a specific user group).

Anyone knows how this is possible to look into in Countly? I tried to look into this with the Drill feature but I can only know if users had a session all together on a given day or week OR the number of session per user in average within 7 days. Those 2 come close to what I look for, but it does not tell me how active is or was a given user, only how many sessions per user there was all together (independently of over how many days they did that).
I also tried the Session Frequency, but this only gives me how often users logged within a time period I don't really understand. I still struggle to understand what exactly the session frequency is about (sounds to me like the time period between 2 sessions for people using the product).

Looking forward to your inputs!



  • Hello,
    There are 3 views that come to my mind

    1. Engagement -> Slipping away, this is actually the total opposite of what you want, and that's why it might be useful. So it shows how many users did not have session in 7 days, 14 days, etc so you would know how many of them you are losing.

    2. Engagement -> User retention
      So this one shows consequent app usages for new users. You can check all users, that started using app on specific date and how much of them continued using your app

    3. Cohorts
      You can create separate cohorts like had session in last 7 days
      or did not have session in last 7 days, but had session in last 30 days
      And then you would be able to see how many users enter or fall out of these cohorts, as well as using cohorts for segmenting drill and user profiles

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  • Also I think the closest view for your request is Engagement -> User Loyalty, but due to aggregated data estimations, it can be a bit off, we are working on improving it

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  • Thanks for the tip, a few questions:

    1. For Slip away --> I can't look at a specific user group there or did I miss that? I would be ok to deal with this way of looking at the data but can't find a way to segment it. 😕

    2. Retention --> It's actually for looking at the behaviour of one of our alpha users group, so we don't expect them to completely drop out (if yes then it's a test user management problem probably more than an app problem), we want to look at their engagement week after week.

    3. Cohorts --> where can I create those cohorts? So far it seems to have picked up automatically cohorts based on the notifications we sent, but I didn't find how to create custom cohorts yet. It would be indeed useful to segment here and there.

    User loyalty would also indeed help but again, it can't be segmented and like in our case we want to look only at a specific segment, it makes it unusable for us 😕

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  • Hi Clara

    1. Slipping away users - you may click on view users and see all users, but cannot segment it. If you want, you can do a drill down and get the same group of users too, since slipping away users list can be basically generated the same way in Drills.

    2. In order to be able to create a cohort, please click on Cohorts link. Then, click on "Create cohort". That will open up a slider on the right. You may add as many cohorts as you want. After adding a cohort, you will see that it will start running and generating users that includes who "fall" in the particular cohort you created.

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