When failed send push, fail logic exists?


When failed to send push, countly retry to send push except error that has no need to send push?

if retry, we want to know retry count. Is possible for administrator to change retrial count or logic?




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  • Hello,

    When a push notification is sent, we can know all exact errors. In next version (16.10), those errors will be provided in a table. We see that those errors are mostly due to the fact that end user token is invalid (e.g user has uninstalled the application). In this case retrying to send the push notification to the same user will bring in the same error.

    Countly, by default, doesn't retry sending push notification if there is an error. If error stems from the fact that there is a problem with certificate itself, you can know this and then send push again after providing the right certificate on your server.

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