How to view all crashes for a particular install ID

Hi I'm running an open source Android project, and we're considering to use countly for our project for the sole purpose of collecting crash data from users (on an opt-in basis).

The main feature we need is to handle this scenario:

  1. User experiences a crash
  2. They report it to us via a github issue where they provide a UUID
  3. We look up the crashes for that UUID and find the stack trace for the crash they are reporting
  4. Hopefully fix the bug and give them feedback on github

I notice that in the pro version this workflow could be supported by:

  1. Click on the User Profiles view
  2. Look up the user by their UUID
  3. Scroll down to unresolved crashes

However as a GPL project, as much as we'd love to support you guys, paying for a subscription isn't really an option as we have zero revenue. Is there any way to filter crashes by installation ID or custom data that we provide in the community edition? Or would you consider adding such a basic feature?



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  • Hello,
    completely understand your situation. But unfortunately advanced crash segmentation is based on our enterprise software UI and backend libraries and we can't add this feature (or even part of it to Community Edition) or dedicate time to add such separate feature to Community Edition (our timeline is filled till the end of year, if not more).

    But the data is there, in MongoDB single collection, easy too lookup, and in the spirit of Open source world, there is nothing stopping you from creating a plugin (as Countly can be extended with plugins) to modify existing view or create your own, that would do that sort of lookup.

    And if you need any assistance with plugin development, you can always ask on this forum and we will help you as much as we can.

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