Countly // SSL Pinning

Hey everybody,

as soon as I provide a certificate, my app starts to work unperformantly. In addition, it happens that "events" can no longer get through.

I'm working with swift 4.2 and we have COuntly installed on our own server. (Basic version)

let pathToCertificate = Bundle.main.path(forResource: "countly_cert", ofType: "cer")

let config = CountlyConfig()
if let key = appKey, let url = host, let _ = pathToCertificate  {
  config.appKey = key = url
  config.pinnedCertificates = [pathToCertificate!]
  config.enableDebug = true
} else {
  fatalError("Missing Countly configuration in `Info.plist` file.")

config.features = [CLYPushNotifications, CLYCrashReporting, CLYAutoViewTracking]
Countly.sharedInstance().start(with: config)

Has anyone had similar experiences? If so, could you solve it somehow?

Thank you!




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