Does Countly SDK work on Canvas

Does Countly SDK work with Canvas? We have a transactional service where most of the pages are rendering in canvas. Some pages are css based. I'm not able to find any details around the platforms that Canvas is able to integrate with.



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  • Countly Web SDK could be integrated into single page app, cause its all HTML eitherway, so loading, unloading events are the same., so it will be able to track sessions.

    Dispatching the custom events is custom code eitherway, so you can do it on your side where ever you are drawing and what ever you are using.

    Usually in such cases tracking views are the problem, but in single page apps, you just need to call track_pageview every time view changes, maybe you have a hook for that, so you can just put the method there and provide view name

    So overally it should work.

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