Can I install countly on pantheon or

I saw the installation page, but I still am not sure whether I can install it on a hosting such as or pantheon. Actually I am looking for a free open source push notification system which I can install on a php, mysql, apache hosting.

If I try to explain the type of hosting I am talking about, I would give you an example of Drupal or Wordpress CMS. Both can be installed easily. This is what I am looking for. An easy to install notification system. I will be using it with drupal 7.

There are tutorials available to integrate 3rd party api using REST in drupal. So once I installed a push notification server or some kind of message send/receive system like gotify, It should not be a problem integrating it with drupal 7 using REST api.

Hope you understood what I am trying to ask



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  • Hi @ugintl - thanks for stopping by. Countly Community Edition requires a vanilla Linux (Ubuntu or CentoS to be specific), to be deployed to. Hence it won't work on a setup on a LAMP server since Apache would be listening to the port that Countly should be listening to.

    Hence I would suggest you deploy Countly on a separate server (e.g via Digital Ocean). On DO, you can easily set it up with 1-click:

    After this, you can use Countly's REST API to send push notification to your users:

    Hope that helps.

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