Subdomain Forwarding [solved]


I've just moved my countly off Azure, to another location and need to setup the apache forwarding.
I can view the dash from just fine, by nothing is getting logged on the Countly Server.

(I'm working on a game)

What ports do I need to redirect?



  • Hello,
    unfortunately it is not that easy. Due to low level HTTP implementations on SDK side, not all SDKs support HTTP redirection. It gets even more tricky with sending POST data.

    For that purpose we usually do, what is called server migration, where there is old server at old domain, but configured to redirect or rather replay received data for marked apps onto new server. Would that be possible in your case?

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  • We never actually got a domain. We just used the IP, which we no longer have.

    Countly is now running alongside half a dozen of my other VM's, with apache just redirecting the url's I own to the relevant sites.

    Does this mean that countly cannot run and I need to switch to something else?

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  • I'm also putting out an update, to let the game know the domain is no longer an ip, but these new domain, or subdomain.

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  • Fixed it.

    The subdomain part is fine, and is even mentioned in the installation guide.

    I've got Coutnly v19.2.0 via nuget in my C# Monogame project.
    It was expecting Newtonsoft.Json v11.0, so crashed when I called the following:

    Task task = Task.Run(async () =>
    await Countly.Instance.Init(config);
    await Countly.Instance.SessionBegin(); //Crash

    Once is rolled back my nuget for Json, everything was fine. I'm now seeing stats on my debug app's pages.

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  • My only point was that redirecting on apache level would not work.
    Since it is the same server, then nothing should be done on server specifically. But fix should be in SDK, as you stated.

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